The Program

The Transit Manager Certificate Program (TMCP), was developed by the Florida Department of Transportation's Office of Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations. Through FDOT's, insight and innovation, this program offers professional development to Florida's public transportation managers, and provides them with the educational tools and resources necessary to solve today's public transportation challenges.

The Program offers a combination of online courses, self-paced computer based training, traditional classroom courses and the chance to take part in a transit related project with other members of the class. The diverse program delivery methods offer students easy access to courses that are relevant to today’s public transportation professional.

The Transit Manager Certificate Program offers tracks for operations, maintenance or administration personnel. A specialized seminar series provides students distinctive and specific training in each of the three tracks from industry experts. The seminars challenge students with real-world issues. Participation in these contemporary seminars and group projects allows students to be fully engaged in their education development and apply their newly acquired skills.

All of the program’s Faculty are dedicated to the success of the program and its students. The Faculty’s real-world experience, combined with extensive management training and industry-specific insight and practical knowledge provide students the education they need to succeed in the public transportation industry. To earn the Transit Manager Certificate, students must complete six (6) core courses one (1) elective and one (1) seminar over a two-year period.

To assist Florida’s public transit managers in furthering their educational development, the Florida Department of Transportation is proud to offer tuition assistance and travel reimbursement to managers who have met all of the qualification criteria and have been accepted into the program.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to complete the program?
The program is scheduled to take eighteen (18) months to complete.

How long is each course?
Participants will have eight (8) weeks to complete each online training course.

How are the courses delivered?
All but one of the TMCP's courses is delivered utilizing self-paced, computer based training (CBT) modules designed to be taken online at your convenience.

Will I be able to talk with the instructor?
Each online course integrates a web conference meeting with the online instructor sometime during the course. This is your chance to ask questions and interact with both the instructor and fellow students.

Is there travel involved?
The last course in the program will be presented as a two day seminar located in Tampa, Fl. The two days are not together, so you will travel to Tampa twice to finish the course. This travel will occur at the end of the program, approximately sixteen (16) months after your initial start date..

I see there are three tracks: does that mean I will only interact with the students in my track?
Eight (8) courses (six core courses, one elective and one seminar) are delivered online and there will be a chance to interact with students from all three tracks during the web conference for these courses. The eighth and final course is the two-day seminar. The first day of the seminar will cover topics specific to your track and you will be grouped with only those in your track. The second day of the seminar will have all three tracks together to present the findings of your collaborative transit-related group project.

Do I have to pay for the TMCP program?
Once selected to participate, there is no cost for the student to register and participate in the TMCP program.

Do I have to pay for lodging and associated travel costs when I attend the two day seminar??
The TMCP program will reimburse student travel costs for the two days of travel. The program will pay for the hotel up front so the student will not have to pay out of pocket. Transportation and Per-Diem costs to and from Tampa will be reimbursed to the student upon completion of travel, at the prevailing government rate.